Corporate Massage

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Healthy employees = a productive workplace!

Bright Health Corporate Massage specialises in wellness in the workplace, with a team of highly qualified practitioners, which means you get the best quality of treatment for you and your employees.

R EDUCE stress
E NHANCE performance
W ORK life balance
A CHIEVE results
D RIVE productivity 

As an employer, you recognise that people are the foundation of your company.  So here's a solution, how to invest in the health and wellbeing of your people.  Corporate Massage can be a cost effective way to provide incentives, or recognise and value your staff. 

Why choose Corporate massage? 
The health benefits are clear – remedial massage has been proven to relieve neck and back pain, increase concentration, reduce stress, also improve morale, minimise sick leave and reduce injuries.  For optimum staff performance it is important to encourage "work-life balance" and create a positive and healthy workplace culture for the organisation.

Your choice of treatment
Relaxation Massage - the ultimate relaxing de-stress treatment, a feel good massage to increase circulation and relax your central nervous system.  You will feel calm and centered and ready to re-focus on your day.

Remedial Massage -  a firm treatment based on trigger point massage, positional release techniques and stretching, ideal for people who experience chronic pain in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and wrists which can be linked to computer work.  The result is a good "loosen up" and improved range of movement.

Flexible payment options
1. Company reward or incentive for employees
2. Company may choose to subsidise 50/50
3. Staff can pay for their massage

Health fund receipts
Rebates are available if the Staff member pays for their massage treatment. (Conditions apply for health funds).

How to book
Simply choose the date for your massage visit and email   We will send a booking schedule and forms to be completed prior to the visit.

We can provide a competitive quote to meet your budget - please call/text us on 0404 255 197 or email