Massage Treatments


Remedial Massage... is effective for treating chronic pain with the application of soft tissue techniques such as trigger point massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, cupping and stretching.  If you have tension in your neck, shoulders or back from long hours spent in front of the computer - Remedial Massage will help to release these areas and get you moving freely again.

Regular massage is important to release muscle tightness, maintain healthy stress levels, help to improve posture and prevent injuries from occurring.  Some of the early warning signals that your body may present are headaches, tension, poor concentration, difficulty sleeping, muscle aches and pain, referred pain down your arm, any of which could indicate that it’s time for a treatment.


Myotherapy... includes assessment and treatment for neck pain, back pain, hip imbalance, headaches, migraines, scoliosis, sciatica, frozen shoulder, joint pain and postural complaints.  Some of the techniques used in the treatment include trigger point massage, positional release, muscle energy techniques, cupping, stretching and gentle joint mobilisation.  There is no manipulation of the spine, although in many cases the treatment will alleviate pain, increase range of movement and help the joints to move more freely. 


Relaxation Massage... The perfect way to unwind from a hectic week, Relaxation Massage is designed to ease away tension in the body and reduce stress by calming the nervous system.  Take some time out to allow your body to truly relax.  You can choose from Full-Body Relaxation Massage, or specify the areas you want to concentrate on (for example back, neck, shoulders).


Ultimate Relaxation experience...

Feel like a little pampering? Try our “Top to Toe Treatment” which includes neck, back and shoulders massage, aromatherapy foot-soak and reflexology foot massage, so you will be walking on air! (Available for group bookings).

Pregnancy Massage... 
If you are pregnant, first of all congratulations!  It is safer to wait until you are 12 weeks before having a massage, or after your first scan. From the second trimester onwards it is perfectly safe to enjoy Pregnancy Massage from a qualified Massage Therapist.  Essentially, the treatment will address back pain, neck and shoulder tension and help to increase circulation in the legs.  During pregnancy, the body will adapt to your changing shape and some woman can experience certain areas of discomfort, so your Therapist will create the right treatment for your needs. Our therapists are trained to use body positioning and towel techniques to maximise your comfort - during the treatment. We will adjust so you are treated safely and comfortably.

Massage is also extremely beneficial for post-partum and breastfeeding Mum's who suffer from discomfort.


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