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Find your Work Life Balance with Corporate Yoga

When you think of yoga, do you think about launching into elaborate stretches and difficult poses?  It is not all about your level of flexibility and whether or not you can balance on your head!  

Yoga is learning to come back to yourself, or bringing yourself to a harmonious state.  Modern life is hectic and demanding. Yoga can give you the space to relax, reconnect with your self and access an inner stillness.  It can be like having a glass of red wine in the evening (and why not!) it’s good for your heart and your soul.  But it’s a healthier way to help you eliminate stress, naturally.

The human body is designed to move freely, without restriction.  Sitting or standing for long periods of time is unnatural and places strain on your posture and spine.  Anyone who sits in front of a computer, stands to cut people’s hair, or works in a sedentary role knows what it feels like to be hunched forward all day.  It can reduce the body’s range of movement, create postural issues and gravity can cause the spine and joints to compress.  The end result is chronic pain or dysfunction, in one form or another.  The spine and central nervous system sends signals to the rest of the body, it likes to feel fully extended and expansive to carry out these vital functions.  Muscles get tight from stress, tension, high pressure environments and work of a repetitive nature.  They need to be relaxed so blood can circulate freely to provide nutrients to the body.

Take time out for yourself

In practicing yoga, you will learn to focus on the present moment.  So you can clear your mind and enjoy some time to truly relax.  This is important to counter-balance the effects of stress.  The human body has amazing coping mechanisms and under pressure, it releases hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline to keep the brain working overtime.  Who works well with too much overtime, in the long term?  Nobody!  You may get subtle warning signs, such as headaches, neck and back tension, poor concentration, anxiety, or insomnia.  These discomforts can go unnoticed when stress hormones are running the show.  But if prolonged, they could lead to more serious health problems.

How Yoga can Help

Yoga allows you to re-set the stress levels to zero again, restore balance in the body and improve strength and posture, in a low impact form of exercise.  Everyone has different levels of fitness and it’s not about how far you can reach or bend.  A good yoga instructor will show you that correct technique is more important and encourage you to practice at your own pace.  Apart from releasing tension in the body, there are other elements such as increasing physical muscle tone, improving balance, meditation and stillness of mind.  All these things contribute in a positive way to helping you become the most happy, healthy and effective person that you can be.

Corporate Yoga Pricing

  • Casual Lunchtime Yoga Session (55 mins) $15
  • 6-week Yoga Pass $80




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